We have a strong belief that communication needs to earn people’s time and engagement.

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Our approach

What are people talking about? What makes them tick? What do they care for? And how can we be part of it? We believe brands today need to be part in shaping culture to be relevant and to build a lasting relationship. Brands in the future can only rely on being chosen by the people who want to spend time with them.

Why we are needed

A large part of purchase decisions are made subconsciously. Our ambition is to make our clients more famous than their competitors. To just outspend them is not enough. What’s needed? Investing in creativity.


With our culture based planning model and our platform independent approach to creativity, we provide engagement and reach. When we enhance the effect with paid media, the clients get more bang for their bucks instead of less and less. To any PR executive, we are needed as an innovative, trusted partner. And for the marketing executive we are needed as an important ingredient when traditional ad reach is failing.

Our belief

Our belief is simple. To get brands into the minds of people and stay there, we focus on how to introduce them into the world of cultural context. We call it culture first.


To make this happen, we have the mind of a PR agency and the creative skills of an ad agency. Because to start a valuable conversation in a room where everyone is already talking – and where you compete with kittens and hollywood stars – takes something else. That “something else” is what we promise our clients every day.

Our values

We unite around great ideas.
We believe in people.
We know that curiosity takes us places.

We foolishly believe that nothing is impossible. And we always try to challenge ourselves to be fearless. We never want to settle. That’s why we always keep an open mind. That’s why we cherish our differences. That’s why we question everything – status quo, existing norms, the way we work. We take part of, participate in and create culture everyday of the week, every hour of the day. And we are makers – continuously aiming to be the most interesting agency on the planet.


At Edelman Deportivo, nothing is more important than the work we do,
and the people doing it.

Creative Concept & Strategy

  • — Creative planning
  • — Concept strategy
  • — Creative ideas
  • — Creative concepts
  • — Creative newsroom
  • — Strategic consulting
  • — PR strategy
  • — Social media strategy
  • — Content strategy
  • — Digital media strategy

PR & Social Media

  • — Events (virtual and physical)
  • — Press releases
  • — Opinion pieces
  • — News and issue hijacking
  • — Media trainings
  • — Message development
  • — Community management
  • — Influencer strategy
  • — Ambassadeur programs
  • — Influencer seeding
  • — Corporate profiling
  • — Crisis and Issues management

Design & User Experience

  • — Web design
  • — UX design
  • — Print design
  • — Animation & motion graphics
  • — Film production
  • — Branding and identity
  • — Prototyping
  • — User research

Innovation & Technology

  • — Innovation & Technology
  • — Websites
  • — Mobile and web applications
  • — Production of prototypes
  • — Installations
  • — Interactive productions of all sorts

Career opportunities

Looking for an internship? Are you a person who dislike status quo and doing things “the same way we’ve always done it”? Are you also studying to become a Creative (Art Director, Copywriter, Interactive Art Director, Creative Technologist, Motion Creative) or a PR specialist? If yes on any of the above, send your application to Sofia.