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11th February 2016
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Our course at Berghs School of Communication

For the third year in a row, Edelman Deportivo were responsible for the course “PR Hantverket 2” (The Craft of PR 2) for the PR class at Berghs School of Communication in January-­February 2016. During this course, we challenged the class (divided in six groups of four to five students each) to come up with creative PR campaigns based on fictive client cases.

Throughout the course, we guided the students through each step of our creative PR work. From strategy and insight work, to idea creation, innovation, layers of engagement, PR tactics to key messages. We also invited external lecturers on each topic. These experts gave their perspective to each subject in order to give a more holistic view of the PR craftsmanship. After each lecture, the class applied each step from our creative process to their client brief.

By the end of the course, each group presented their suggested campaign on stage in front of our clients.

Our belief is simple: You have to be interesting to earn people’s attention. That’s how we get brands into the minds of people, and stay there.