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The Bread Institute
Bread The Future

  • Strategy
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  • Film production
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  • Experiential
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We wanted to show the climate friendly qualities of bread today, by encouraging kids to try the sandwich of tomorrow. Regular bread, but with toppings from the future: bugs.

Swedish people love bread, but because of trendy diets, young people now tend to relate bread to carbs. The Bread Institute asked us to change the perception of bread in Sweden and change the conversation on bread to a more positive one.



People are unaware of breads climate friendly qualities. Yet we see a desire among the youth to make a difference for the world in an effort to ease climate anxiety. Bread is climate friendly today. But what would the topping of the future be? Bugs.


Bread the Future. Bread is climate-friendly. So are bugs. We executed a bug sandwich tasting school tour to highlight bread’s climate benefits. We highlighted the tour with social films and added posters, outdoor prints and media/blogger outreach.

A third of all Swedes observed the campaign. Amongst these, we saw a 50% increase of people that connected bread with climate benefits. 116 percent more believed bread to be healthy and 5% of the population increased their bread consumption.

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What does an insect sandwich taste like?

“This Delightfully Weird Ad for Bread Has a Fun Yet Haunting Vision of a Sustainable Future. Ready to taste some post-apocalyptic stuff?”


Project statistics

  • — 1,5 million views on our 2 Facebook films
  • — Earned media reach 28 million people
  • — 97 000 interactions in social media
  • – A third of all Swedes observed the campaign
  • – Amongst these, we saw a 50% increase of people that connected bread with climate benefits
  • – 116 percent more believed bread to be healthy
  • – We increased the general positive attitude towards bread with 8 percentage points, from 76-84%
  • – Five percent of the adult population increased their bread consumption from one slice of bread a day before our campaign to two slices or more – equalling an increase of at least 180 000 slices of bread per day

Media Highlights

The campaign was picked up by almost every Swedish daily news media, such as: SVT Gomorron Sverige, Lilla Aktuellt, Sveriges Radio P4 and P5, Aftonbladet and SVT ABC. But also internationally by media such as AdWeek, Contagious and Creativity Online.