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Chair of Attention
Trä- och Möbelföretagen

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Together with 5 Linnéuniversity Design Lab graduates, we created a chair that can help girls with ADHD to get the crucial attention in the classroom that they need.

TMF, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, came to us with a huge problem for their Industry – the difficulty of providing new blood to the workforce. The next generation of carpenters, designers and CNC-operators is not happening to the extent that is necessary to keep the industry alive and kicking, a lot because of the fact that not enough young people knows what actually goes down out in all the Swedish wood & furniture companies. TMF really needed someone to be at this issue with hammer and tongs.

If we want a larger amount of young people applying for educations within the wood and furniture industry we need to realize that we are not competing against other educations or jobs, but against Netflix, Youtube and Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds and such. We are fighting to win interest. We need to be exciting, emotional and show that within the industry, you can change the world.

The discussion around ADHD has been going on for years, but a group that is often marginalized is girls with ADHD. While boys often act out, girls have a tendency to become introvert. And when you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, your voice might get lost in the tremendous murmur that occurs in classrooms. To combat this, we showed what the industry could do by creating “The Chair of Attention”, a chair that can help girls with ADHD get the crucial attention in the classroom that they need. The chair has an hidden alarm through which the person using the chair can communicate with their teacher without having to alert the whole class.

Chair of attention got huge attention right away. Swedish public television reported about up the campaign, and then it started to snowball. When TT picked it up, it got published in 60+ magazines, and the campaign reached millions over night. With a huge engagement on social media and among the press we got a reach of over 14 million. Celebrities like Isabel Adrián who is a role model for girls with ADHD choose to share the campaign and also large groups on Facebook focusing on ADHD wanted to put light on the problem by sharing the campaign.