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Unilever, Dove
Blind Beauty

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Film production
  • Influencer outreach
  • Media relations

How do you measure your own beauty if you’re unable to see it? We let three blind women explain what beauty means to them and proved what beauty should be about.

Unilever’s personal care brand Dove, gave us the mission to make a Swedish campaign on Dove’s global theme Choose Beautiful. The campaign’s purpose would be to ignite a discussion on Dove and women’s self esteem – with a PR mindset and with earned media at core.

We conducted a survey showing that 9 out of 10 women stated that how they consider themselves – and not what other people think of them – has the biggest impact on the self esteem. So, we asked ourselves a simple question: What would beauty look like if you weren’t able to see it?

Blind Beauty. We produced a film that raised a new perspective of beauty by letting three blind women share their views on the topic. “Beauty is more of a feeling to me”– Anna Bergholtz. ”It comes from within. If you radiate warmth, humility and love, then you’re beautiful to me” – Naomi Allback.

In a world where the importance of beauty is communicated to women every day, we started a new conversation on beauty and women’s self esteem, and showed that beauty should be about how we feel, not about how we look. We got an earned media reach of 640 million people and the online articles were shared tens of thousands of times.

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Project statistics

  • — 295.000 film views
  • ­— Earned media reach 640 million people
  • ­— Gold winner in European Excellence Awards: Brand Relationship
  • ­— Shortlisted in European Excellence Awards: Fashion and Beauty
  • ­— Shortlisted in the Swedish award Spinn 2015: Best consumer campaign

Media highlights

The project was highlighted internationally by Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Daily Dot, Viralnova, Taxi, Creativity Online, Adweek, Cosmopolitan and almost every major media in Sweden covered it.