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To help EV-drivers on the road we made it possible for every Swede with an extra cable to register their home as a charging station.

Renault has marketed Electrical Vehicles, EVs, in Sweden for four years and the hero model Zoe has been on the market for two years. But despite product innovation, Renault is still not famous for its EV line-up to the broader target groups. We were asked to develop a communications concept giving Renault the fame they deserve for their EVs.

A lot of manufacturers talk about the advantages with EVs, few dare to face the challenges. What if we could not only face the biggest challenge, but do instead of speak? Swedes are used to crowd sourcing their way to change. Why not create the possibility for everyone to make a difference? For everyone to build the new Swedish infrastructure.

We created Elbnb – a platform service initiated by Renault but driven by the Swedish people, a people willing to fuel the EV revolution from their private homes to pull their weight towards change. Elbnb made it possible for every Swede with an extra cable to register their home as a charging station, making EV drivers feel safe on the roads wherever they go.

Swedes started opening their homes immediately – increasing the Swedish EV infrastructure by 6% in just a couple of months. More than 300 million people was reached by the message about the EV crowdsourcing Swedes and Renault has been contacted by both companies and private people all over the world vouching for a global launch. The initiative is still today discussed at the office of the Minister of Environment.