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Atea asked us to create a reason to speak around their sustainability efforts and their forum for sustainability development during the Swedish politician’s week Almedalen. A place visited by everyone worth mentioning within politics, business, media and civil society. The challenge? Almedalen is Sweden’s most competitive time and place. For large tech B2B corporations – it is almost non-existing. How can we package Atea’s sustainability efforts sexy enough to really stand out?

In Almedalen everybody screams but nobody is standing out. Even though the visitors are picky they get flooded with standard invitations, flyers and mediocre events focusing on corporate issues. What if we could leverage pop culture to make people want to interact with us and even help spread the word?

Game of Thrones is huge, and with an upcoming 7th season it was already on everyone’s mind. To highlight the need for mobile phone recycling, we built a 2-meter-high and 300 kg heavy replica of the iron throne – made out of recycled phones. We called it #Gameofphones.

#Gameofphones earned royal fame. The area around the throne was constantly crowded and photographed, with many visitors wanting to know more about Atea’s sustainability work and conferences. With almost 1 000 visitors per day photographing and sitting in the throne, including politicians, corporate leaders and even international ambassadors, social media was overflowed with pictures spreading our message. During the most competitive week of the year, #Gameofphones was awarded top 5 hottest in Almedalen (the only non-NGO on the list) and top 3 most innovative in Almedalen.