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Game On For Breakfast

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  • Influencer outreach
  • Media relations

We let gaming stars live stream their breakfast on Twitch and invite their young fans to join. Here’s how something so simple as watching someone eat breakfast can do good.

Kellogg ́s and the Red Cross Youth wanted to highlight the importance of children eating breakfast. Our mission was to raise awareness of the Breakfast Club program in Swedish schools, run by the Red Cross Youth supported by Kellogg’s, and engage Swedish children and youth while doing it.

Kids meet and socialize online and experience friendship through the virtual world. Swedish kids participating in video walkthroughs is a growing phenomenon. Each month 60 million gamers watch other gamers play live on the live­streaming gaming network Twitch.

Game On For Breakfast. In a new experiment, the Red Cross Youth and Kellogg’s let gaming stars live stream their breakfast and invite their young fans to join. We opened a new account on Twitch, where kids could have breakfast with their Swedish gaming idols every morning during one week.

We started a conversation online and in Swedish media. In less than one week, the earned media reach was more than 20 million, just in Sweden and almost every Swedish newspaper covered it. We showed that livestreaming gaming could be used for something completely different. To enforce an important habit: breakfast!