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To inspire the younger generation, the Swedish women’s national football team swapped their names on their jersey’s for motivational tweets.

adidas and the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) asked us to launch their new Swedish women national football team jersey. Usually, this launch never gets any attention. Even though the women’s national team has more success than the men’s. The situation for football playing girls and boys in Sweden is vastly different.

6 out of 10 Swedes can’t name a female footballer and half of all the Swedish football playing girls consider quitting. And where would they find the strength to hang in there, when not getting the same inspiration as the boys do? What if the Swedish national team could inspire the younger generation by powerful messages?

We aimed to turn the jersey launch into a social initiative to inspire all girls playing football, and to help them hang in there. How did we do this?  The Swedish national team swapped their names on the national team jersey’s for motivational tweets, hand picked by the players themselves, to motivate the younger generation.

The importance of supporting football playing girls got worldwide attention. Our campaign got an earned media reach of +1 billion people. With no paid media at all. The jerseys sold out and 76 % of those exposed to the campaign consider the jersey to be a symbol of pride. But more importantly, we got hundreds of thousands of supporting voices. Together we turned the Swedish matter into a global matter.