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Mynewsdesk and Kerstin 82

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Film production
  • UX design
  • Community management
  • Influencer outreach
  • Media relations

We let the world follow an 82 year old lady’s first steps online, in real­time broadcasts, and started a conversation on the current issue of the digital divide.

Mynewsdesk is a smart online newsroom platform that could be used for creative real­time content. But most brands think of the platform as a place to solely publish press releases. Our mission was to market Mynewsdesk and its benefits for creative real­time content. We aimed for a 10 percent increase in client leads.

One million Swedes have never been online before. This issue is relevant to Mynewsdesk as a digital communications company. The core target group was communication officers. But our strategy was to reach them while demonstrating the huge impact of a well planned and executed real-time campaign.

We introduced the world wide web to Kerstin Wolgers, an 82 year old lady, who had never experienced it before – and let the world follow her first steps on Skype, Tinder, in e-sports, and much more. All published on Mynewsdesk’s own platform. With a camera strapped on her chest in real­time broadcasts.

Our client got a best practice case study and the campaign increased sales leads with more than 60 percent within two weeks’ time, and made Kerstin Wolgers an Internet celebrity overnight. After the first week, Kerstins’ AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit topped front page. Today, the case is featured in Reddit’s book about the most important discussions ever taken place on the platform.

Watch the case study

Project statistics

  • – Earned media reach 200 million people
  • ­– Estimated media value of 5 million USD (70 times the campaign budget)
  • – ­Increased sales leads by more than 60 percent in two weeks
  • ­– 89 percent of Swedish Mynewsdesk­ employees participating in a questionnaire considered the campaign good or very good. ­
  • – Gold in the Swedish award Spinn 2015: Best business to business
  • – Silver in the Swedish award Spinn 2015: Best content marketing

Media highlights

The project was highlighted internationally by Reddit, Washington Post, Business InsiderCNET, New York Times News App, CBS News, The Mirror and The Next Web.