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Running on Love

  • Strategy
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In countries with the most single households, we created a car fueled by love, and eased Swedes and Danes’ communication.

Renault has been on the market for a long time, but the C car segment is highly competitive and flooded with rational arguments. Our task when launching the Renault Mégane Hatchback was to find an emotional way to communicate that it is the perfect car for couples.  

Sweden and Denmark have the highest number of single households in Europe and research shows that poor communication is the main reason why couples break up. A car is one of the best places for meaningful conversations. Could the Mégane be a communication vechicle for couples?

We made a car that wouldn’t run if the couple didn’t talk with each other. Nicely. Renault Mégane – Running on Love – was born. We equipped the new Mégane with a “love indicator” – an innovation that made it impossible to drive unless the couples in the car spoke withe each other. Gently.



The news about the “love car” was spread all over the world, reaching more than 30 million people. ABC News reported live from the car and the Youtube pre-roll had a significant lift in brand preference with 10% viewing the entire clip – the same watch-through rate as the new Star Wars trailer.

How it worked

The love indicator analyzed the amplitude in, and speaking frequency of, the couple’s voices (and the fact that they spoke at all) and effectively restrained the accelerator pedal if the indicator decided that there was no love in the air. The new Mégane was simply running on love. We then let couples test drive it and filmed their conversations.  The result was both entertaining thought provoking. One couple even decided to get kids (effectively preventing the car from stopping). Consumers could also take the new Mégane with the love indicator out for a test drive at resellers.

“We are going to start off with a fun little thing happening overseas in Sweden. I have found a car that runs on love, this is a Renault”

ABC News

“This Renault cuts out if you have a row while driving. Swedish Stunt for Renault Megane Analyzes Your Audio”

Creativity Online


Project statistics

  • ­— Earned media reach 30 million people
  • ­— 900.000 views on the of the films across Sweden & Denmark
  • ­— 17% increase in brand favorability among those exposed on YouTube (according to a YouTube Brand Lift study)
  • ­— 10% full views on the 3-minute campaign video (same watch-through rate as the Star Wars trailer)
  • ­— Strongly improved amount of positive reactions and comments on Facebook

The campaign was highlighted internationally by ABC News who did a live stream from the car. The clip was broadcasted online and spread within the ABC network (ABC news, Yahoo). Among other media who picked up the news internationally were Creativity Online and Contagious. In Sweden and Denmark, the campaign could be seen in the largest daily newspapers Aftonbladet, Expressen, GT, Ekstrabladet, and on television; TV2 Nord and in various lifestyle media such as Café, King, and Feber.