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Settle for More

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Online Interactive Experience
  • Film Production
  • OOH
  • Native
  • Social Media
  • Media relations

What would it be like to step inside someone’s mind – like in Being John Malcovich, but for real? We made it possible through Tele2’s maximized connectivity and an urge to Settle For More. All while communicating a brand new product offer in this 360 campaign.

Tele2 is a Swedish telecom company that provides phone and Internet services. They are re-launching in a big way to become the best data provider in the country and asked us to create a campaign to showcase a killer offer: a 100 GB data plan good on 9 different devices.

In Sweden, a lot of discussion around connectivity tends to be negative, especially when it comes to controlling our exposure to media that can alter our outlook on our surroundings and the world. What if we made a campaign to show limitless connectivity in a way that changes our perspective?

We showcased the endless possibilities of connectivity by allowing customers to step into the minds of 9 personalities from all over the world, including Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (“The Killing,” “Robocop,” “House of Cards”) — live. Like the movie “Being John Malkovich.” But for real.

Tele2 showed the endless opportunities of a connected life and the news about the human avatars spread all over the world. Our campaign reached more than 36,5 million people through earned media, and 36 million in social media with more than 100 000 reactions. The campaign spread to over 150 countires.



360 campaign

Some of the human avatars where a female drifter in Dubai, a body hacker in Seattle and a shitty robot-maker from Stockholm: You could see what they saw, hear what they heard, feel what they felt. To enhance the experience, you could also experience the person’s pulse, galvanic skin response (sweat) and emotions.


We broadcasted 9 live streams in 5 countries during a 2-month world tour. Before we started, we had each person read, run and draw to calibrate their own unique brainwaves and heart rate.


Besides traveling the world to create the interactive experiences, we made three national TV commercials, OOH, social media and native advertising, all inspired by our human avatars.



Technology and tools

Shot in first-person, and by using several sensors, we measured each personality’s heart rate and sweat level. The data was translated live into audiovisual effects using WebGL and Web Audio technology.


With help from Your Majesty we made a custom backpack which included a 3D-printed rig for all the hardware, for example a Raspberry Pi to collect the sensor data. Camera footage was sent to a color grading box in the backpack, which we fine-tuned per location, to improve the footage quality.


The footage then got sent, scaled down and compressed, to a streaming service together with the audio and sensor data. All the material included timestamps, so it arrived synced up for the user in their browser on either desktop, tablet or mobile. Through a real-time post-production system, the sensor data was translated into audiovisual effects.


Project statistics

  • — More than 36,5 million people through earned media
  • — 36 million reach in social media
  • — More than 100 000 reactions
  • — The campaign spread to 150 countries