An interactive memorial for Kent

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The Interactive Memorial
Tele2 Arena

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We created an interactive memorial experience for Sweden’s most legendary rock band – in time for their final goodbye.

In the beginning of 2016 Sweden’s most legendary rock band Kent shocked their fans with a controversial announcement – their funeral. The band would play their last three concerts ever on Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. Our mission from Tele2 Arena was to create an interactive experience that could give the fans a graceful farewell.

The most hard core fans should participate in a march to the arena and the grande finale. Tele2 Arena wanted to give these fans a graceful and personal farewell, but how? What if the fans could visit an memorial ceremony to honour their favorite band? What if they could lit a candle and make a personal goodbye?


We created an interactive memorial outside the arena –  a wall with 3D-candles for their fans to light in real-time. With a single text message, a candle was lit on the venue wall and burned at individual pace for 6 hours. The grand visual impression of the thousands of lit candles gave a peaceful sanctuary for the band’s fans.

The visual not only activated the most hard core Kent fans, our experience engaged 20 000 fans who visited the memorial outside the venue. The news about the interactive memorial reached over 8,5 million people in traditional and social media. In totalt 2 647 interactive candles were lit. More than 5000 shares spread the message of the experience and visual design, ”RIP Kent”.