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The Sexometer

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We developed the world’s first interactive drunken sex film, backed by science. By using both research and science we translated all the data into one highly engaging piece of content.

IQ, a Swedish nonprofit promoting moderate drinking, asked us to come up with a novel and engaging way to get young people in the ages of 18-25 to reflect on their alcohol consumption before the winter holiday in February.

In a poll conducted by IQ, six out of 10 people aged 18-25 claimed to have had sex under the influence of alcohol. This is known. But what is perhaps less well ­known, is how bad sex gets as the intake of alcohol increases.

We developed The Sexometer, the world’s first interactive drunken sex film. At the Sexometer website 
two actors could be seen in bed behaving according to how much alcohol the viewer said they’ve had to drink, all backed by science.

The Sexometer got an earned media reach of 12 million – in a population of ten million people. We got 50 000 people to happily spend 123 700 minutes on alcohol awareness (amazing 2,5 minutes in average on our campaign site) before the holidays.



Visit the Sexometer

Watch the case study


Project statistics

  • – 49 481 unique visitors interacted with our Sexometer before the holiday
  • – They spent an average of two and a half minutes on the campaign site
  • – Young aduts totally invested 123 700 minutes in alcohol education
  • – Earned media reach of more than 12 million people

The project was highlighted internationally by Creativity Online, Contagious and covered in Swedish media such as Metro, TV4, Nyheter24 and Feber.