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The World’s Largest Football Team
adidas / The Swedish Football Association

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Together with adidas and the Swedish Football Association, we invited all Swedes to become part of the national team.

adidas asked us to launch their new national team’s jersey ahead of the big game between Sweden and Italy in the qualifying to the world championship 2018. adidas wanted us to fulfill the brand promise: “Here to create”.

Sweden hadn’t won a football game against Italy in 30 years. Now we needed to win to have a chance to reach the World Cup in Moscow. So we decided to challenge one of the core foundations of football: That a team always is eleven players strong.

Together with the Swedish Football association, adidas invited ALL Swedes to become part of the national team – and get their own names and numbers on the jersey, and to get included in the Swedish Football Association team list. Every time someone joined the team, their name and number turned up on a jersey in the Swedish team’s locker room in real time, reminding the Swedish players that they just got a new team mate.

adidas new team jersey was everywhere before the game – in all big news media and in social channels with thousands of shares of the jersey from proud new team mates, resulting in a reach of 22.6 million. When the players left the locker room and entered Friends Arena, they weren’t 11 anymore. They were 7 704. For the first time in 30 years, Sweden won against Italy. And one of the smallest football nations became the largest.