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Violence of Reality

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Violence in video games has an age limit, but violence in reality does not. Therefore, we created “Violence of Reality” urging politicians to strengthen the law of violence against children even IRL.

The current legal system in Sweden does not protect children from all types of domestic violence. For example, from witnessing violence or being verbally threatened. UNICEF wanted us to spread light on this issue and put pressure on politicians to change the legal protection for children to the better. The aim was to get at least 10 000 petition signatures – to make politicians act.

Swedes are proud of being one of the first countries to ban corporal punishment. But the legal system is not enough to protect children, as all violence against children is not punishable. Children are protected from violence in video games but in Sweden there is no protection from witnessing violence in the real world, in their own homes.

We chose a world where violence against children do have an age limit; a world where emotional storytelling is a possibility to bring the situation to light. We created “Violence of Reality” – a video game based on testimonials from children that have experienced domestic violence. A game that leads to a digital petition to make politicians act and who forced people to experience firsthand the danger of this contradiction.


Only during the first 24 hours of the campaign, over 500 people played the game and Sweden’s most popular morning show talked about the initiative and tested the game on air during prime time. The campaign reached over 30 million interactions in tradition and social media and over 26 000 people signing the petition (the goal was 10 000 signatures). Influential politicians from the Swedish Liberal party and the Social Democrats did also answer UNICEF’s demand and spoke favorably about the initiative in social media.

The Swedish government is now exploring ways to make all violence towards children punishable by law. Giving countless at-risk children hope that one day, protection from violence won’t just be a game. Bringing us one step closer to a world where at-risk children can be safe in their own homes and feel protected from violence of all kind.