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Warhol Spirit
Absolut Vodka


The very first art collaboration with Andy Warhol — after his death.

We were asked to build engagement online for the Andy Warhol limited edition bottle, and to link the ABSOLUT brand to imagination without boundaries through storytelling. We were challenged to do a campaign involving risk taking and imagination.

To create a marketing campaign of tomorrow, we sometimes need to use old technology in new, innovative ways to reach the targets. We needed a campaign as provokingly innovative as Warhol would have done, if he had been here today. And why couldn’t he be?

We invited Andy Warhol to make art with us once again – and our artists recorded his voice from the other side using EVP ­technology. It resulted in an unforgettable art performance in New York City with special guest: Andy Warhol – present from the other side (most likely).

We started an online conversation on Warhol, ABSOLUT and creativity. The online buzz before our NYC art performance with Warhol continued after it, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and editorials. with a total earned media reach of 150 million people. We went back to the 50’s to create a campaign never done before.